Treatments ayurvedic and yoga

Relaxed and recharged with energy

Ayurveda and Yoga : The union of two ancient sciences aimed at the”awakening” of the individual trough self-healing, a holistic Indian medicine that research balance and coherence between body, mind  and spirit. The importance of the coherence of these three parts is now known to many, it can be recreated indifferently if you start with a work on the body, mind or spirit, everywhere you act you can see benefits on the other parts.

Body treatments


Our massage room has a professional bed for Ayurvedic treatments and, among the various possible treatments, one is the Hammam, one of the most important treatments in the ancient oriental cures of Ayurveda because it aims to free from toxins and stimulate Agni. : the fire of life

The famous Turkish bath or steam bath is suitable for everyone and is essential for the elimination of body toxins through our largest excretory organ that we have: the skin. Exposing ourselves to the high humid temperature of 40 ° -60 ° with 90 – 100% humidity, we obtain a dilation of the pores and all the body channels, with the following benefits:

– purification of the skin with immediate result as it will be softer and more luminous

– improves blood circulation

– reduces stress

– reduces muscle and joint stiffness

– improves metabolism in general and digestion

– gives greater clarity to the sense organs

– reduces drowsiness by increasing vitality and lightness

– removes joint and muscle pain caused by accumulation of toxins and inflammation.

Our proposal for an excellent result from this ancient treatment: 5 steam bath immersions alternating with cold water showers and ending with herbal tea in the relaxation area.

Duration 120 mins. €80

with the possibility of even a single session with herbal tea in the relaxation area

Duration 60 mins. €40


It is a very important massage in Ayurveda because it generates a real awakening and release of prana ( vital energy present in the body and that is in relation to health). Gives a feeling of vitality centering and serenity.

Duration: 60 min.       €70


The traditional head massage, very relaxing and relaxing, takes into consideration the face, scalp, neck, giving in just 30 minutes an unforgettable moment. suitable for those who want to eliminate emotional and expressive tensions in a short time.

duration: 40 minutes   €40


Also called ‘knowledge’s massage’,soothing and relaxing, of ample effect, gives a feeling of general well-being.

duration: 75 minutes         €90



Complete massage with specific essential oils for psychophysical relaxation

Duration 70 min. € 200



Extremely relaxing, the foot encloses the reflective points of the whole body, this massage stimulates and reactivates the general well-being of the person.

Duration: 60 minutes        €60


Integrated foot reflexology is a psychophysical rebalancing treatment that uses the use of chromopuncture, essential oils and Bach flowers. The session includes dietary advice, possibly herbal and flower therapy

Duration: 60 minutes        €85


This treatment is very effective, also tested in chronic cases. It takes place with the help of fumigations, oils and incense based on medical herbs. A specific massage completes its effectiveness.

Duration 45 min. € 45


Through an energetic dexterity and the help of essential oils it dissolves muscle tension and tension, excellent for back and neck problems.

Duration 60min. € 70


Relieves the feeling of heaviness, by acting on the lymphatic circulation, it eliminates swelling and toxins, just like a classic Western lymphatic drainage, with the difference that the manual skills used are very enveloping and relaxing, comparable to a relaxing massage.

Duration 30/60 min. € 40/65


Indicated after sport or physical fatigue; to be practiced within two hours of the activity. Helps venous circulation eliminates fatigue and accumulation of lactic acid. With a medium-light dexterity it is also excellent for the elderly.

Duration 30 min. € 35

Treatments for mind and spirit:


A treatment of great importance, that through a thread of warm oil poured gently on the frontal area of the head; induces a deep relaxation, and an introspection able to shake or melt emotional blocks. It is indicated for those suffering from neurological problems related to mental and emotional (insomnia, anxiety, fears etc.), or for those who simply want to achieve deep relaxation.

duration: 120 minutes         €120


After an olfactory test of specific essential oils for the emotional-spiritual sphere, the unconscious need that the person needs at that moment is identified, and with the help of the identified oils a unique and personalized massage on the body begins.

Duration 90 min. € 150


“The Call of the Gods”

Innovative treatment, designed to help resolve 5 situations:
cut with the past, rediscover the enthusiasm to live, unlock and
continue, raise the spirit to abandonment, take root and live in the present.
Warm and enveloping massage, with the possibility of personalisation
additional butter as needed.
At the end of the treatment, the remaining product will be donated for self-therapy.

Personalized aromatherapy butter  70 min. €110.00


It acts on the electromagnetic fields of the body, bringing coherence even to the cell. The benefits of this treatment can be multiple, because it works simultaneously on all three parts of the body-mind-spirit; Sensations on the body and moods are immediate, and there is often an awareness of how the psyche and feelings are in close relationship with the body.

Duration from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the case € 85/100


Meetings with a trained holistic operator who through words or touch moves spiritual energies that cause inner and physical conflicts from negative thoughts and feelings.

Duration 60/90 min. €50/70

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