SPA on the shores of Lake Maggiore

Relaxed and recharged with energy

The wellness corner of the Oasi Degli Dei, offers our customers a truly relaxing atmosphere, with widespread music, tea and fresh fruit. It has a jacuzzi tub for 4/5 people with built-in chromotherapy, an emotional shower in natural stone where you can enjoy different flows of water and colors, and finally an infrared sauna that differs from the Finnish one for the temperature range, which is between 30°C and 50°C. useful for contractures and pains, muscle and joint.

Wellness ( exclusive with reservation)

2 hour € 30 at person

2 hours € 25 for 3/4 person

Exclusive wellness for B&B guests (2 persons) €40

Sauna and emotional shower (1:30h) at person €20

Or with the  Aperiwellness, a real aperitif on the edge of the tub plus bubbles

For 2 people 2 hours €90

For 4 people 2 hours €150

(it is possible to choice wines with a surcharge)

Purifying path

Duration 1 hour and ½    €80

Hammam + peeling + massage (30min.) + brew

Energetic path €70

Sauna (30 min) + pranic massage (1 hour) + brew

DOLCE VITA path ( exclusive wellness )

Duration 2:30 hours                  € 130 at person / €170 a couple

Saunainfrared + emotional shower + hydromassage + relaxing massage (1 hour) + tea + fresh/dried fruit

Exclusive for the Triskell room


Price:  € 70   Bath with milk and honey + infrared sauna (30 min) + facial-head massage (40 min.)


Price:  €50

Bath with aromatherapy + foot massage (30 min.)

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